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About Us

Creative Expression, making a mark and being seen and heard is fundamental to being human.

We believe that we all have a creative and imaginative capacity that is of central importance to our mental and physical health, wellbeing and happiness. Our aim at Hoot Creative Arts is to release this capacity. Our mission is to support the development of creativity to build confidence and esteem, encourage personal growth and foster creative expression.

We do so by creating opportunities for participants to work with professional artists. We give people the chance to explore identity, emotional wellbeing, purpose and meaning in a safe, expressive and welcoming environment.

Art is the focus, our creative activities offer therapeutic outcomes for all, regardless of experience. We mean that, even if you don’t consider yourself to be creative, we believe that you have the capacity to create and we extend an invitation to you.

We are based in Kirklees, West Yorkshire and we are a creative arts organisation that

  • normalises mental health
  • supports personal growth
  • promotes social change

We were co-created organically from absolute personal belief in the power of arts to include the excluded. At Hoot Creative Arts we create opportunities for you to try out something new, we are flexible and very encouraging, enabling you to grow in a short space of time.

We help people to take and make positive steps and choices, empowering people to feel better, catch their breath and take forward steps through participation in quality artistic activities. 

There is always something going on behind our doors or out in the community, our programme offers drumming, singing, writing, dance, visual & digital arts, all delivered in an inclusive way, providing space for reflection and growth. You can also engage with our community events, such as Think Gigs, Hoot Roots and May Contain Nuts Festival of Arts.

HOOT has signed up to The Well Good Charter. Well Good is a group of like-minded Community Arts organisations based in Yorkshire and committed to promoting better mental health and well-being through creativity. It currently includes Leeds organisations Chapel FM, Cloth Cat and Inkwell and Orb Community Arts in Knaresborough.

You can support HOOT by donating online via PayPal 

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Good News Story

A big thank you to everyone from the Hi Viz'd Annual Fundraiser event for their generous donation of £310 in memory of their friend, Harrison Wilkinson.

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