Arts and dementia

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Any times at home on the phone

The Breathing Space project is looking for people who are living with early stage dementia (and a partner, family member, friend or carer) who might enjoy some conversation and creative time at home.

We’ll chat over the phone about the things you like and that make you happy starting with the all-important question: how do you like your tea?

We'll also provide you with fun and simple creative activities connected to your favourite things. Why? Because being creative makes us feel good and it is proven to be beneficial to our mental health and well-being including for those living with dementia.

How to get started

Breathing Space is free for Kirklees residents who have

  • A diagnosis of dementia (or are waiting to recieve a diagnosis)
  • Spoken to their GP about memory concerns

If you’re interested in joining then please complete the form below. This will be sent securely to the team at hoot who will be in touch to help you get started.

Need help?

Not sure if this is the right thing for you? Breathing Space's project manager, Moira can tell you more about the activities and the sign up process. 
Telephone:  07388 800 767   |   E-mail:

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All sessions take place at home on the phone
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Woman laughing at the beach
Woman laughing at the beach