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Information for Participants

All HOOT services and activities are temporarily closed until further notice but we're working hard to keep in touch and offer creative activities online. 

How can I get in touch with HOOT?

The best way to get in touch with us right now is via email to or by emailing specific staff members if you have their email address. 

We can listen to voicemail messages left on our main office telephone number but when we call you back it may appear as "Caller ID Unknown" or one of the following numbers

  • 07880 731767 - this is the HOOT mobile 
  • 07833 232089 - this is a backup HOOT mobile
  • 07388 800767 - this is a backup HOOT mobile

We have limited capacity to respond to texts to our mobile number so if your query is urgent, please email the above address.

You may receive a text message from us using the number 07537 416555. This is our text information service that allows us to send important messages to lots of people. We cannot receive calls or texts back to this number so please don't use it to contact us.


Are HOOT running any online sessions or activities?

Yes! We have opened HOOT from home - online creative activities to make you feel good.

  • Some of our activities are open to everyone. You can find these on our social media pages and on our website here
  • Some of our activities are open only to people who were attending HOOT's Out of the Blue sessions before the closure. We will contact you directly with information on how to access this.

We have a selection of our previous gigs, online singing and Think Gigs talks available online for free here. You can also listen to a selection of our previous compilation albums on our Bandcamp page.


When will regular sessions return?

HOOT services are temporarily closed in line with government policy. All sessions are suspended and we will be in touch with you directly with further updates as things progress. Please check the Hoot website for the most up to date information along with our Facebook and Twitter pages.


Are there other support services?

Hoot Creative Arts is a member of the Mental Health Partnership of community adult mental health services from the voluntary sector, working together to provide a better mental health service in Kirklees.​ To find out more about the different services, you can view or download a leaflet here.​




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