Mental Health Awareness Week - Tracks and trails

13th - 19th May 2024 is Mental Health Awareness Week. This year the theme is Movement and the Mental Health Foundation want to help people to find moments for movement in their daily routines. We've picked some local walking routes from Discover Huddersfield and paired them with a hoot album that is perfect to listen to whilst you follow the trail. 

The Shuddersfield Ghost Walk uncovers the town’s spooky secrets and we recommend our collection of songs inspired by mythological creatures - written and performed by our music groups in Huddersfield and Dewsbury:

The Textile Trail walk takes you past key buildings related to Huddersfield’s textile heritage. This pairs perfectly with our track “Future Wrapped in Fabric” which was created for Woven’s 2019 festival using original recordings of historical and modern machinery used in the production of textiles, along with recordings of water sources in Marsden, and a scattering of synthesized sounds and follow it up with our musical contribution to the HERD Kirklees Year of Music 2023 project.

The Public Art Trail highlights a selection of pieces you can see around the town. We think our album Textures on a Big Canvas is perfect for this, featuring tracks which were inspired by visual art pieces created by our groups.

Explore Huddersfield’s Historic Buildings on this trail and to match the grand sites, we recommend our String Quartet album with compositions by our arts and dementia group, Breathing Space and arranged by our in-house musician, Rob. 

Huddersfield is bursting with music and this trail takes you to some of the key venues around the town. Our compilation album C.O.G.S, a collection of sounds and recordings created by hoot participants and groups will be a great soundtrack to your walk. 

Explore Almondbury village with our SoundScapes album featuring original recordings captured by hoot participants and arranged into unique tracks. 

Looking for more? Check our more trails on Discover Huddersfield's website and explore lots more music from hoot groups and participants on our Bandcamp.


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Two men sit side by side, one is using a glue gun on an egg carton whilst the other holds a glue stick
Two men sit side by side, one is using a glue gun on an egg carton whilst the other holds a glue stick