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Episode 2 - Music and Dementia: Young-onset Dementia Group 

A heart-warming episode recorded over two days, providing an insight into how those who live with dementia, their carers and volunteers interact with and discuss music. The young-onset dementia group meets regularly at Brian Jackson House, supported by the Kirklees Dementia Hub and hoot creative arts. With around fifteen participants, this established group provides a significant space for people who have dementia and their carers to take part in activities and support each other. Not all participants were comfortable to take part in talking, however they had lots of fun with exploring how music makes them feel. Listening to live music by Karen Clegg and using instruments enabled them to open-up about their experiences with music.  

Credits: Editing and Production support by Kirran Shah. Featuring musician Karen Clegg, interview with Carer James, Project manager Estelle and Group Facilitator Tina. Supported by Sharleen, Estelle and Tina 

Music created by music groups at hoot

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Two men talking and engaging in creative activity
Two men talking and engaging in creative activity