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THINK GIGS is a concept pioneered by HOOT Creative Arts, one of the leading arts and health providers in the country. The idea is simple; a series of events that look a bit more closely at the behaviour of humans and the strange things they do. We’ll apply a psychologically informed approach to some of the key challenges and themes affecting our worlds to see if this sheds a bit more light on them. Add a convivial environment, a bar, some live music & the opportunity to share your views & you’ve got a Think Gig.

October’s event will look at The Me Generation - the rise of narcissism and insecurity with Jan McGregor Hepburn.

Jan McGregor Hepburn is an published writer and psychotherapist living and working in the North East of England. She will take us on a journey that explores the concept of Narcissism and asks where does it come from, is there such a thing as healthy narcissism and what can we do to stop the epidemic? En route she will look at the MacDonaldisation of childcare, Donald Trump, and ask if you can or should shame a narcissist

Join us in Café Ollo at The Media Centre in Huddersfield from 7pm.

Find the event on Facebook here

This event is free to attend, although there will be a ‘pay as you feel’ system in place and opportunities for donations to HOOT Creative Arts (Registered charity no. 1146358)

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