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Here are quick links to all the resources that are part of this project. Read on to find out more about each strand of this project.

Music and Health Toolkits  

Rather than create a toolkit for Kirklees Year of Music 2023 we decided to collate and present existing researched and developed toolkits and resources from national and local organisations. A list of toolkits and resosurces can be found here on hoot's website. 

We also worked with Creative Consultant Jane Willis in collaboration with Kirklees Music Ecosystem Network. Jane created resources for freelance artists.

Creative Care Planning 

This project aimed to explore Creative Care Planning ideas. We wanted to involve people with differing health needs, empower them to tell us how music impacts on their health, what they would like their music to sound like and how they want to be supported to access this.  

The Rhythm of Life Podcast

Using podcasting to communicate ideas and discuss themes around music and health 

Working with People First Keighley and Craven, an advocacy organisation for people with learning disabilities, our participants were empowered to learn about and access new technology to create sounds, make recordings and discuss themes. Read on to find out more about each podcast episode.  

Episode 1 - Music and Learning Disabilities: Laurel Court  

Patrick, Richard, Scott and Jamie from Laurel Court Huddersfield travelled to work with People First Keighley and Craven (PFKC) with their support worker Paul. They learned how to produce a podcast and record their own episode using music and health as the theme.  

Credits: Editing and Production support by Adam Hopkins. Interviews and production support by Kirran Shah. Podcast created by Patrick, Richard, Scott, Jaime, Luke, Jane, Oliver, Tom, Matthew. Supported by Paul, Catrina and Sharleen 


  • My Organ and Keyboard by Christian from Laurel Court  

Episode 2 - Music and Dementia: Young-onset Dementia Group 

A heart-warming episode recorded over two days, providing an insight into how those who live with dementia, their carers and volunteers interact with and discuss music. The young-onset dementia group meets regularly at Brian Jackson House, supported by the Kirklees Dementia Hub and hoot creative arts. With around fifteen participants, this established group provides a significant space for people who have dementia and their carers to take part in activities and support each other. Not all participants were comfortable to take part in talking, however they had lots of fun with exploring how music makes them feel. Listening to live music by Karen Clegg and using instruments enabled them to open-up about their experiences with music.  

Credits: Editing and Production support by Kirran Shah. Featuring musician Karen Clegg, interview with Carer James, Project manager Estelle and Group Facilitator Tina. Supported by Sharleen, Estelle and Tina 

Music created by music groups at hoot

Episode 3 - Music and its personal benefits: CJ and Tayyab 

People First Keighley and Craven (PFKC) return to hoot creative arts to run another session on producing a podcast episode all about music and Health. Listen to Daniel and Kenny, CJ and Tayyab talk about how music is very important and has a personal space in their lives, from faith to using music to connect and communicate.  

Credits: Editing and Production support by Adam Hopkins. Interviews and Production support by Kirran Shah. Podcast created by Daniel, Kenny, Tayyab and CJ. Supported by Sharleen 


Episode 4 - KYOM Rhythm of Life - Behind the Scenes with bonus interviews 

This behind-the-scenes episode features sounds and conversations from all four episodes providing an insight into how hoot creative arts and People First Keighley and Craven (PFKC) collaborated to empower individuals to produce an episode all about music and health. You will hear PFKC members train participants on podcast creation with bonus interviews with carer Tahira, her brother Tayyab and CJ, including an Elvis impression by Scott and artist Christian shares his knowledge on natural instruments used in sound healing.  

Credits: Editing and Interviews by Kirran Shah. Podcast featuring, Paul. Patrick, Richard, Scott, Jaime, Luke, Jane, Oliver, Tom, Matthew Tahira, Tayyab, CJ, Scott, Caitlin, Charlotte, Artist Christian, Facilitator Sharleen, Catrina Adam and Kirran with Support worker Paul.  

Music created by music groups at hoot  

Episode 5 - About hoot creative arts

Listen to CEO Gavin Clayton and Operations Manager Lailla Tanveer talk about hoot creative arts, what they do and why.  

Credits: Interview and Podcast editing by Kirran Shah 

Music created by music groups at hoot  

Digital care planning - The Rhythm of Life workbook and animations 

Through a series of sessions we explored how to communicate about music and sound with carers and support workers

  • Using arts and crafts such as images and drawing to describe what participants want from music 

  • Using rap and poetry to explain how music makes us feel 

  • Using Mindfulness to pay attention to sounds  

As a result, we created The Rhythm of Life digital workbook to be used by individuals, carers and organisations to support discussions on music and health based on ideas tested through this project. It is available to download and use digitally, making it easy to attach to any digital care files if the person lives in care and is easily accessible on mobile devices and laptops for individuals and groups.  

Explore the animations below to discover ideas created by participants in these sessions. Individuals used words, sounds and their own voices to bring their moving images to life which help carers and support staff understand what music they like to listen to and what sounds they like. The animations offer a unique insight into the personalities of people living in care, particularly those who may face communication challenges.

Each animation is based on a personal theme, reflecting on a participant's family member's favourite music or soundtrack from a movie. This project helped foster an open and comfortable environment, allowing participants to express themselves creatively.

If explored further this idea can be implemented into other areas of care planning, allowing professionals to gauge how well a person verbally communicates.  

  • Scott lives in a supporting living service; he loves Elvis because his grandad introduced him to his music. Artist Joe created this animation of Elvis dancing with Scott’s voice impersonating Elvis.
  • Richard likes the Spice Girls music and the movie. We explored how he would like to present this in an animation with his voice, he simply introduces himself and says he likes Posh Spice. Richard does not verbally communicate much unless you get to know him well. This project was a big step for him as he speaks very little but has managed to record various conversations on the podcast and for this animation.
  • Johnathan does not like to record his voice but loves the sounds of birds, this animation is of a bird tweeting. 

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