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Pen Letters | Creative Writing

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Pen Letters | Creative Writing

Pen Letters – mindful writing
Winston Plowes


Although Hoot sessions have temporarily stopped, we can still be creative and make something positive despite not being able to meet up in person. HOOT from home offers online activities where you can discover how being creative can make you feel good.


Pen Letters is an invitation to have a go at creative writing with an opportunity to share your work. This activity is for everyone – no experience is needed, just a pen and a piece of paper. If you would like to share your finished work we would love to see it and share it with others. Follow the steps below to have a go at your own piece of writing.


Watch the following YouTube film, it's less than five minutes long.



Can you copy this drawing or make something a little like it? You can draw a spiral or a series of overlapping circles, any creative doodle is fine! Decorate your design with words that come to mind as you draw. These can be words connected with the experience of making your design or what you think it looks like. Write on the lines you have drawn or put them in or around your design.


Don't worry about being neat or what the words are, just let your creativity flow. Remember your own creation is personal to you, you can't do this wrong, just put pen to paper and invent something new.


We’d love to see the results. If you are happy for us to share your work on social media and our website please tell us in your email. Send your finished word art to us at


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