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Play Your Part | Collective Music Making with HOOT from HOME

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Play Your Part | Collective Music Making with HOOT from HOME

Although sessions have temporarily stopped we can still be creative together with 'HOOT from HOME'. Play Your Part takes you through the simple steps of recording sounds to a backing track that Hoot's studio team will transform into a piece of music. 

Here is a 3 minute ‘skeleton track’ - we want you to add some sound to it. You will email your additions to us and we will compile everybody’s offerings into a cohesive piece of music!

Download the track by clicking the 3 dots next to the speaker

How do I add sound?

  • Just think simple Household/workplace objects can make some interesting sounds! Keep your ears open to the sounds of everyday objects that you could play along to the piece.​ Find a glass and a pen and tap along to the beat, or use your voice to make some sounds, hum or sing (feel free to sing or rap lyrics/made up language, don’t reuse lyrics from an existing song though please).
  • If you play an instrument then you can use this to add something, but try not to make your addition too ‘busy’. Less is more, for this project. There is a bit of harmony to the ‘skeleton track’ already, so pitched instruments could try to fit with this if you like. The chords are:  Am (2 bars), F (2 bars)
  • You will need to record yourself with your phone, your laptop, tablet, Dictaphone, or a microphone if you have one. This isn’t about clean and pristine recording quality, so don’t worry about how good your recording device is. If it can record audio in any way that enables you to send the audio files to us, then it is OK.
  • Practice what you are thinking of once or twice (play along to the skeleton track). When you are ready, press record on your device. Press play on the skeleton track we’ve provided (you might need a separate device to do this whilst you are recording, for example – press record on the ‘Voice Memo’ app on your phone, then play the skeleton track through the speakers on your laptop) and play your part.
  • Send audio files to with the Subject: ‘Play Your Part’. If the file is too big you can use WeTransfer to send to us for free.

Tips to think about

yes Don’t do too much. Remember there will be a lot of contributors to this piece of music, so leave plenty of space for everybody else! One or two notes every now and then is plenty, and so is one or two riffs/melodies/rhythms/bassline etc.

yes You don’t need to play along to the whole piece. If you are unsure then you can send us a ‘one-shot’. This is simply one sound, played once (or more). We will add it in to the appropriate place(s) in the final piece.

yes Your addition doesn’t have to have rhythm or pitch. It could be simply some noise, or a recording of the birds outside your house, or a drone – anything is acceptable!

yes If you have access to music software, apps on your iPad/phone/tablet, or synthesisers then electronic music additions are also great.

Finally: Please don’t criticise your offering. Nothing is perfect, and little mistakes/quirks/disasters etc are perfectly natural, regardless of how experienced with music/recording you may be. Plus, once it reaches the Hoot studio, we can work the studio magic to get it sitting just right.


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